Wood: “The Perfect Imperfection”

Wood is homely. Wood exuberates warmth. Wood is welcoming.

Most of our furniture are made of Reclaimed wood – teak, mahogany or Indonesian local wood - Mindi with FSC certificate. Some are new wood from a Trees 4 Trees plantation.

The finishing of our furniture is Natural with a minimal rustic look. Natural means no varnish, no heavy lacquer, just a natural finished surface. Each piece has a Unique character - we leave on the wood the natural scars & grains, the texture, the eye of wood, the cut, the nail holes, the burnt mark – everything is as is. The natural beauty of the wood is embedded in this.

Wood grain and texture creates dimension to the furniture. Furniture becomes alive. The table is no longer a flat piece of furniture but it has depth. The furniture has a unique character, each individual piece is never exactly the same even with the same design.


We foster Grain and texture & accentuated its beauty

Wood here have all been treated, most are kiln dried. Kiln is a big oven, it is computerized and tons of woods are put in there to dry. For a week or more depending on the weather at the time. Moisture content in the wood will be reduced to about 2%. Once kiln dried process is completed, wood are being taken outside and leave for a few days to absorb the moisture back to about 10%. This is the optimal level, anymore than this when made into furniture, the wood will crack, split, and warp through time. Wood is a living thing, it will always move depending on the environment and weather. With a treatment process to reduce moisture content and good design to facilitate the natural movement when weather is too dry or wet, the furniture is in a perfect condition.

Why kiln dried wood when it is reclaimed?
We don’t know how old each plank of wood is, some could be 50, 100 or 10 years old. Kiln dried takes them all back to the same beginning.

Our furniture is contemporary (time after time) & industrial (part wood part metal)

Wood is like your skin. It needs caring especially in the cold dry weather just like our skin needs lotion. Wax (we use Liberon) the furniture once or twice a year to bring out the natural patina of the wood. The more you use the better it gets. Wood will glow. In a dry weather with a heavy usage of heater we recommend having a glass of water in the room to keep the room and the furniture moist and not too dry.